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Pain: The Ultimate Mentor front cover ebook

"This book should be essential reading for anyone who experiences pain"

Sir Terry Waite 


What if I told you most of what we think we know about pain is wrong?


Pain is not to be feared, ignored or fought - it is there to grab your attention and show you that something needs to change. Pain can help you realise that what you are aiming for, the way you live and the choices you make have a huge impact on how your body responds now and in the future. Pain can guide you towards making better choices that work for you. It is the ultimate mentor.


Let me show you how.

Kevin Hunt is a chartered physiotherapist with a specialist interest in persistent pain. The reason he wrote the book he explains:

"In my clinical practice over the last 25 years I have come to understand that pain is a protective system trying to guide and mentor us to sustainable health and wellbeing. Unfortunately the majority of people fear pain and often end up with unhelpful behaviours, inadequate treatments and deteriorating quality of life. With this book I hope to change peoples attitude towards pain and help those suffering with persistent pain to understand how pain works, why it behaves the way it does and how they can use pain as a mentor towards a better, more sustainable quality of life".

Hugely ambitious in scope, this is a book that explores how to deal with persistent pain & stress, how pain works, what it does for us, and why you need to change the way you think about it. 

Only by understanding how each element of your lifestyle plays a part can you take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Hunt takes us on a journey through the pain pathway to show us its true role – as a mentor to guide us – and explores the six essential elements of modern life in his concept of the Health Hexagon.

This is a truly empowering approach to pain and wellbeing that might just change your life.

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